3 Tips to Keep Your Car Looking and Feeling New

Who can resist that new car smell? While it may be a joy to drive around in a brand new automobile, it isn’t always financially possible to own the latest and greatest model of your favorite car. But if you can’t be touring about in a brand new car, the next best thing is to make sure that your car feels, and best of all runs, like a brand new car. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do the things you need to do to get your car looking like it just left the showroom. Even an old Texas “junker” can look better when a car wash Houston style is employed to keep it looking great. Here are three ideas on what you can do to have your car looking better than ever.


Always Check Under the Hood

You don’t have to be a mechanic to know that keeping your fluids topped up and staying on top of the little things in life can keep a car running smoothly. If you want your car to act in top form, make it a habit to check out under the hood for the following:

  • Check oil levels and be sure it looks bright and clean
  • Change your oil on a regular basis
  • While you are at it, change that filter as well


  • Check coolant and change it out before each summer starts
  • Wash your car regularly to prevent rust build up
  • Give your car a thorough waxing once a year to protect the finish
  • Clean out the inside of your car regularly and vacuum those mats

Lubricate for Longer Wear

So many moving parts in your car will wear out faster if their lubrication is old and grungy. While many of today’s car are made so that you cannot do this yourself, it is still worth it to have your cars driveline components and other movable parts re-greased each year. Get it done in either the spring or fall and make it a habit.

While we are talking about lubricating, don’t leave out the brake fluid and coolant when you are checking for fluids. These are cheap to replace and may leave you with an expensive bill if you forget to check them and the lack of fluids causes damage.

Take Care of Your Wheels

You may know that checking your tires is important, but what about the wheel itself? When you make that regular check of the tire pressure, don’t forget to make a visual inspection of the wheel itself while you are down at its level. Wheel bearings should be repacked regularly along with those all important brake shoes. While you have the car up for inspection, ask them to make sure that your alignment is also correct. This can be knocked off by as simple a thing as hitting a curb, and may lead to other problems if uncorrected.


All of these, when added to your weekly cleaning up of the car and surfaces, will leave you with a car that not only looks and smells great but handles like a charm.

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