Aprilia SR 150 and Honda Dio – Will you Choose Scooter over a Bike?

When all the scooter manufacturing companies offer you a wide range of scooters, it gets difficult for a customer to analyze all the features of a scooter and make the right decision. Choosing a right scooter has never been an easy task anyway. So, to make your task easier, we will analyze different aspects of two powerful and leading scooters in India, the Aprilia SR 150 and Honda Dio. Below is a comparative review of Aprilia SR 150 and the Honda Dio. It is also a great Aprilia SR 150 review on its own as there are so many aspects mentioned about the scooter in detail. Let’s see which of them fares well when pitted against each other.


Design and Looks

Aprilia SR 150: Aprilia SR 150 comes in a sporty look that is sure to attract youngsters from the first look. Being sporty look wise, it has already challenged rival scooters in its segment. Aprilia SR 150 is available in black and white shades with both the shades having touches of red to enhance its look. All this gives the scooter a sportier look.

Honda Dio: Honda Dio has a prettydecent design. It features a sleek and subtle style. Honda Dio is available in 4 attractive shades- Black, Sports Red, Candy Jazzy Blue, and Candy Palm Green. Honda has also launched a special edition shade on public demand – Matte Axis Grey. All the colors of Honda Dio are quite popular.

Overall, Aprilia SR 150 has abetter design and style as compared to Honda Dio. Aprilia SR 150 features sporty look that has an advantage over other similar scooters.

Engine and Performance

Aprilia SR 150: Aprilia SR 150 has the same engine that theVespa 150 possesses. The scooter features MAP Sensing and Variable Spark Timing Management system that makes your ride comfortable and easy. The scooter has a 150cc powerful engine that can generate power output of around 10.4 BHP @ 6750 rpm.

Honda Dio: Honda Dio comes with 109.2cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, SI engine which is quite powerful in its own right. This one cylinder engine can generate a maximum power output of 8 bhp @ 7000 rpm.

There is no doubt that Aprilia SR 150 has a more powerful engine than Honda Dio. Aprilia leads the race with 40cc more than Honda Dio.


Aprilia SR 150: One liter of fuel in the scooter can last up to 37 kms in city conditions whereas the same fuel can last up to 45 kms on highways. Aprilia SR 150 can store 6 liters of fuel at once.

Honda Dio: Honda Dio runs 40 km on one liter of fuel in city and 50 km on highways with same quantity of fuel. Fuel storage capacity of the bike is 5.3 liters.

In terms of mileage, Honda Dio gives mileage of 50 kmpl, 5 kmpl more than that of Aprilia SR 150. So if you are looking for a fuel efficient scooter, the Dio is a good choice.


Aprilia SR 150: The ex-showroom price of Aprilia SR 150 is INR 67,400 and the on road price is INR 75,000. Although they might differ depending upon various factors but these are the official figures.

Honda Dio: The ex-showroom price of Honda Dio is around INR 48,264 and on road price of Honda Dio is around INR 52,250 which is pretty decent for a scooter like Dio.

In pricing department, Honda Dio price is quite economical and pocket friendly whereas Aprilia SR 150 is a littlecostly. So, if you are looking for an affordable scooter then Honda Dio is for you. The Aprilia SR 150 review might have detailed you about how it fares with Honda Dio so now you can make your decision.