Four Key Marketing Tools Dealerships Need


If you have ever walked into a dealership and wondered how it is they seem to know just what the neighborhood is looking for in a car, the secret is out. Today’s digital marketing tools, including Dealer CRM tools, are all about understanding potential buyers. When any dealership makes good use of today’s digital edge, they can deliver what you want and when you need it. But the first step is simply understanding that these tools are going to help you, the buyer, as well as the dealership. Here are four digital tools most successful auto dealerships use to stay up to date with their potential buyer’s desires.

Digital Marketing Software

This can include a host of things, from tools like Hootsuite to manage social media to customer relationship management tools that identify key programs to create. When used together they can make a dealership and its marketing efforts seamless. Some brands actually provide many of these tools and so they often come with brand information built into the software. This makes it easier for dealerships to create branded marketing material that ties into national campaigns and lets their customers know if special sales are being offered.

Direct Market Newsletters

These are great for keeping in touch with old customers as well as anyone who has shown an interest in the dealership. While there are plenty of templates out there, and many dealerships will use them, many also look beyond the cookie cutter simplicity of template newsletters. While social media is being hailed as the new medium for reaching out, direct email campaigns are still the most effective when it comes to finding an audience who truly needs what you have on offer. With so many states requiring an opt in from the recipient, the newsletter no longer needs to be seen as junk mail.

Chatting it Up

While we all know how chatty many salespeople can be when we walk onto a sales floor, what about when we visit the website? Marketing experts will tell you, when a visitor stays on a site for more than 20 seconds they are probably an interested and potential buyer. But buying a car isn’t like buying the latest CD online, we have questions that need to be answered. This is why many websites for dealerships are now adding in online chat where your questions can be answered by a live person in real time. It is a smart investment and just as valuable as that chat in the showroom.

So, from social media to newsletters and websites, you can see that with the advantage of digital marketing there are so many more ways that a local auto dealership can reach out to potential customers. Do we gain anything from this new interaction? That may depend on your point of view. Digital marketing can be annoying but it can also give the buyers a tool to get the best possible deal on the car of their choice. When we do our research right, research possible because of these digital marketing tools, we can demand what we want and often get it at a better price. Everyone wins.