The Various Lifting Clamps Available to Use

Lifting clamps are devices used for lifting that come in different variations and styles. Depending on your lifting needs, you may need a clamp made out of a certain material or a clamp that has a particularly high strength. These clamps are designed to meet certain regulations and standards so that you know that you have something you trust when you’re lifting a heavy load.

While it is possible to use just about any type of clamp for your business operations, it is still important to consider the different types and what they provide in terms of strength, durability, and reliability.

Things to Consider

There are different brands of clamps available, such as the Pewag lifting clamps, that have their own mechanisms and devices to make lifting thing securely easier. Depending on the type of clamp that is being used, you may have an easier or more difficult time with transporting goods.

It is also wise to consider the other tools and devices used for transporting equipment, as well as how compatible the clamps will be when it comes to using them. Good compatibility will make the transporting of objects much more reliable.

Plate Clamps

Not all clamps are suitable for all operations, and plate clamps are designed for specific types of heavy lifting. If you are in the business of transporting and moving heavy steel plates, then these clamps are a must for your operations. Plate clamps are designed with the specific purpose of moving plates from one location to another without the risk of them being dropped or damaged.

Being designed specifically for moving steel plates, these clamps have a design different from other types. There are different variations of plate clamps, though, which means that you don’t have to worry about being limited to one particular type that may not work well for your operations.

Beam Clamps

Many people prefer beam clamps because of their ease of use. With these types of clamps you can install them relatively quickly and easily. Not only are they easy to work with, but they are also particularly strong, which means that they’re reliable for doing extensive work.

They range in weight from anywhere between one and 10 tonnes, and they are capable of supporting the lifting of even some of the heaviest equipment. These items are used for a number of applications that involve heavy lifting, and they are often a go to item.

Pipe Clamps

Another type of clamp that people often comes across for business operations are pipe clamps. These clamps use a specific design that wraps around certain pipes to grasp onto and move them across various locations. Even extremely heavy pipe loads are a bit more manageable with the right type of pipe clamp.

Drum Clamps

Finally, drum clamps are available, which are used for moving steel drums. There are different versions of these clamps that come with various mechanisms to help make it easier to securely move these drums without the risk of it being dropped during transport.